Merry March!

First, a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have supported my small business by reviewing Holistic Women’s Wellness. I really appreciate your wonderful reviews on Massagebook, Yelp, Facebook and Google, and referring your friends to me. You make a big difference to my business and life. I am grateful. If you are inclined to add a review to an additional platform, links are below. Every positive review, on EVERY platform, is a huge help! Just copy and paste the link. And Thank you!:

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Second, the business at hand. I’m experiencing busier and busier days, so I strongly suggest booking out for the year if you have not already done so. You can use the “repeat” feature on my booking system if there is a time and day you want to claim as your own in 2024 at whatever interval you prefer. You can always make changes for vacations, etc., with 24 hours notice; but this way, your appointment is locked in! Click here to schedule or email/call/text me with you preferred day, time, service and frequency and I will do it for you.

Appointments are generally available Sun-Thurs; 11am, 1pm, 3:30pm and 5:30pm.

Now is the time to think about the frequency you are seeing me. Do you need to come in more often? Do you need a longer session time? Most of my clients are 2 hour sessions. Do you need to add on a De-Stress back treatment (for physical stress), European Rose back treatment (for mental/emotional stress), CBD oil, Warm Arnica Oil, Parrafin Treatments, Arthritis Magnesium Cream or warm stones and coconut balm to your session? What day of the week do you prefer? What time of day works best for you? A good rule of thumb is that any chronic aches and pains should be improved and perhaps just starting to reappear a day or two before you come in again. If you are living with pain longer than that, you should be coming in more frequently. I have clients who see me weekly, every 2 or 4 weeks. At a minimum, you should receive massage at least every 4 weeks to see lasting improvement. If you wait longer than that, you lose any cumulative benefit, and frankly, wastes your prior investment of money and time. Every four weeks is a maintenance schedule if you do not have any chronic pain at all. (Very few of you fall into this category!) Listen to your body. How long does your relief last? That will inform your frequency.

Also, consider visiting additionally to your massage schedule for a Sauna Wrap and Scalp Massage, Body Buff, and Bellanina Face Lift Massage. (Listed under Spa Services)

If you have already booked your appointments for 2024, I encourage to review them through your Massagebook account to make sure I gave you what you wanted. You can sign into your Massagebook account by clicking Here. You can edit any existing appointments if your plans have changed.

I’ve had some clients tell me they are trying to refer friends in as clients, but I haven’t had any availability. I now have a handful of openings each month this year (I’ve lengthened hours), and they can book online.

If the booking algorithm has automatically categorized you as a VIP, (an auto-calculation based on frequency of booking, how long you’ve been a client in good standing, $ spend per appointment, spend in shop, tip percentage, frequency of cancellation, frequency of appointments, etc.,) you will receive notifications of appointment openings and other special perks. The algorithm also will block bookings if I reach a certain percentage of being booked up, so if you try to book, and get a message that I’m not taking new appointments, that is what has happened, and the booking system is holding onto whatever few openings I have for VIP’s. This is why it’s important to have a standing appointment with me, due to high demand, so you don’t get bumped out of the system.

Remember, if you are ill, massage is contra-indicated; including fever, contagious illness or skin condition. If you have any upper respiratory issues, massage will definitely make you feel worse. Please give 24 hour notice to avoid being charged for your appointment. And, please don’t come in if you are contagious. I work with many who have compromised health systems, and would hate to make anyone sick.

Please note; Covid is having a resurgence in our community. Be extra cautious about your health, and not coming in when at all ill. Remember, if you are ill at all, massage is contra-indicated; including fever, contagious illness or skin condition. If you have any upper respiratory issues, massage will definitely make you feel worse. Please give 24 hour notice to avoid being charged for your appointment. And, please don’t come in if you are contagious. I work with many who have compromised health systems, and would hate to make anyone sick. If you receive your COVID-19 booster, please wait 48 hours to receive massage.

Please do remember to give 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment so I can fill your spot and to avoid a cancellation charge for your appointment.

For your VERY Irish Massage Therapist, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, this month’s Seasonal Essential Oil Blend will be “Orange Cardamom” in honor of my Nan’s Irish Soda Bread that I bake every year at this time. Yum! Feel free to choose this blend for your massage rather than a treatment blend from the menu if you like. It is also used in the Botanical Foot Treatment. The Botanical Foot Treatment is included in every 90 and 120 minute massage, as time permits(sometimes other areas of your body cry out for attention/time). It includes a Foot Peel to soften callouses and dry skin, a Shea and Sugar Foot Polish (available in the Shop!), and an Invigorating Dead Sea Fango Mask, all cocooned in heated booties; followed by a Shea Butter Moisture Mask (Also available in the Shop!)

Be sure to visit the website to choose your complimentary essential oil blend to be used during your massage. It’s on the “Shop” page. Simply peruse through all of the blends available for purchase to choose the blend you’d like to use for your massage. They are divided amond the categories of Physical Support, Mental/Emotional Support, Women’s Health, and Seasonal Blends.

And remember, all of Holistic Women’s Wellness therapeudic essential oil blends are available in the online Shop! Choose a Roller Wand Pen, Aromatherapy Mist, Body Polish or Body Butter, as well as Mineral Bath Soak. Lots of other goodies, too. Make sure to visit the Shop Page on the website if you haven’t yet. I’m so proud of my new luxe product line! Shop Now Be sure to order your favorite treatment blends to start building your own HWW apothocary collection! And when you do order, consider posting an unboxing and review video on your socials for a chance to win discounts toward future purchases!

I’m also now offering an outcall Chair Massage Event for your next Hen Party, Bridal Shower, Couple’s Night, Family Gathering or Girl’s Weekend (or whatever other event you come up with!) Call to schedule, as I will book these outside of my regular hours if necessary. These events are 3 hours, which will address approx. 6 people (as many or as few as you like, depending on how you divide up the time), for $600. (In Santa Cruz County only)

Please note, I AM NOW offering gift certificates. YAY! Did someone slip your mind over Valentine’s/Galentine’s? You can purchase online through the website and print out the gift certificate, (there’s a button on the home page that says gift certificates) or have it emailed directly to the recipient. How easy is that?? Please make sure your gifter’s know not to book appointments for you. It wreaks havoc with the record and accounting system to book appointments for someone else.

Perfect Dreary Weather Service: Sauna Wrap and Scalp Massage 60 min: Cocoon in a far infrared sauna blanket of charcoal, clay, magnetic and crystal layers of tourmaline and amethyst generating negative ions. While your body relaxes, your scalp is massaged with essential oils. Sauna Blankets boost mood, promote detox, ignite glow, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and burn calories. (Not available for Prenatal Clients or clients with diabetes or heart conditions) Wear medium weight, breathable loose long sleeved shirt, long loose pants and socks. It’s heaven. I’m addicted! You heat up from the inside, so a different feeling than a steam sauna.

I also have a Great Enhancement for Pain! A Paraffin Hand, Foot, Elbow or Knee Treatment! A great add on if you are living with pain, arthritis or otherwise. Check it out! Hugely Popular!

Did you see the email regarding my Warm Organic Arnica Oil Enhancement? It’s perfect for the colder months, pre and post tough workouts and arthritis aches and pains. Arnica is anti-inflammatory and soothing to muscle and joint pain. Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or with high blood pressure.

Also, for those of you who are understandably addicted to the Arthritis Magnesium Cream, I now have retail bottles available for home use. They are 4oz, $35. They are on the Shop page under “Ultimate Luxuries”.

I also encourage you to follow my business page on Facebook. I post videos and informative content specifically for my clients. There is also sign ups available for Special Events! Stay in the know! I also have business pages on Pinterest and Instagram to keep things interesting!

You may notice more activity on my Social Media thanks to PPD Multimedia. Please interact with posts that you see on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Once again, Happy Spring I look forward to taking care of you! I’m grateful for your loyalty, appreciate your business, and love being an oasis of renewal, health and respite in your life!

Yours in Health,


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