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When your body is going through different stages, it's a relief to feel understood.

I am Shannon Innis, Massage Therapist, Pre/Postnatal Yoga Instructor, Infant Massage Instructor. I help women with the struggles of womanhood on both a physical and emotional level.

I provide intentional work with a therapeutic focus, addressing the issues that bring you to my cozy office; with the intention of supporting women who fall through the cracks of the healthcare system. 

When you want safety in being exactly where you are in your body, I'll be there with respect and compassion.

I can support you in:

  • *Women's Life Stages
  • *Post Surgical MLD
  • *Menopausal Transitions
  • *Prenatal Support
  • *Menses Issues
  • *Postpartum Integration
  • *Chronic and Acute Health Conditions
  • *As well as the everyday stresses and strains of life!

I integrate multiple modalities of massage to customize the most effective experience for you. I balance deeply therapeutic bodywork specific to a woman's health needs and concerns; wellness goals, lifestyle, medical and physical conditions with pampering spa luxuries.

Holistic Women's Wellness forcuses on treatment of chronic pain, injury, neurological and physical disorder, postsurgical recovery and stress management.

My training includes:
Swedish * DeepTissue * Reflexology * Acupressure * Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain * Cancer Survivors * Pre/Post partum * Labor Support/Induction Massage * Infant Massage Instruction * Geriatric Massage * Lymphatic Drainage * Trigger Point Therapy * Parkinson's Support * Myofascial Release * Aromatherapy



 Dear Clients,

UPDATE: May 26, 2020. Dear Clients, please note, as a Certified Massage Therapist, I am required to follow stricter STATE requirements regarding Shelter In Place, per CAMTC, rather than Santa Cruz County variances. When the State permits massage therapy to return, I will re-open my practice. Your safety is my primary concern.

As of tonight, April 28th, Santa Cruz County is on a mandatory Shelter In Place Lockdown until May 31st, per the Santa Cruz County Health Dept. http://www.santacruzhealth.org/Portals/7/Pdfs/Coronavirus/PHO%20Order%20Extending%20SIP%20March%2031%202020.pdf

My work is catagorized as non-essential healthcare.

Please know that as soon as I am allowed, I will back to work, overtime and weekends to take care of you. There will be a lot of work to do to help you all heal when the dust settles. We are all weathering the same storm.

Please also note that during my closure, I am implementing changes to better serve you in the new climate. You will notice that pre-payment is requested online for bookings, to minimize contact in person. If you have a gift certificate, you can enter the GC number as payment. I will also be modifying the intake form to include COVID-19 queries and information, and will ask each of you to update your form prior to your visit. You will also be directed regarding office visit protocol, and the steps I am taking. I'm in close contact with OSHA, CDC, WHO, ABMP, FSMTB and CAMTC. I'm collecting all guidance for massage therapy measures and will be implementing them. Stay tuned for more information to come!

If you are a current client, and you are financially able, please consider purchasing gift certificates and/prepaying appointments. Also, please consider visiting my Etsy shop online to purchase HWW products for home use. https://www.etsy.com/shop/HWWAromatherapy?ref=search_shop_redirect I appreciate your support.

There are many small businesses like my own, wanting to do what is right for our community and families, while also facing the very real prospect of financial insecurity that comes along with this type of situation.  If you are able, I encourage you to continue to support those businesses that make our community unique and beautiful and offer such valuable services to us all. Perhaps buying gift certificates or simply writing those positive reviews online you've thought about doing, but haven't yet!  Coming together, supporting one another will be what pulls us through, and I am SO very grateful for our amazing community here at Holistic Women's Wellness


Please take a moment to explore the Infographic below to also see how you, as a client, can assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other similar respiratory illnesses.